Mayoral Candidate for Aparri (May 2010) – Dr. Jessica Romero

(Essey) Hello to all my co-Aparrianos. Hope everyone is well.

I just want to inform every Aparrianos or to anyone who’s not aware yet about Doctor Jessica Romero that she is running for Mayor in our beloved town. It is time for a change and I believed that she’s going to be a very good leader. I urge everyone who’s voting at this time to vote wisely and do not vote for someone who’s buying their vote. “Huwag tayong masilaw sa pera” na ipinamimigay nila and for sure at the end kayo din ang magdusa. Napakatagal na silang nakaupo bilang namumuno sa town natin pero walang pagbabago.

Let’s give Doctor J. Romero our support to become the next Mayor in Aparri, Cagayan. “VOTE FOR HER”!!! For all of us hoping to see changes for their next visit like me, I would love to see a new and progressive APARRI, CAGAYAN. GOD BLESS US ALL!!! I am sorry kung meron man akong nasagasahan.


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