Farewell Mang Orland Paragua

(Alfredo Castro) Mang Orland Paragua quietly passed away early Monday, Dec. 21 at his home in Sta. Ana, Manila. He was 90 years old.

In a brief conversation on the phone that I had with Mang Orland’s son Clifford Tuesday evening, Cliff told me that his dad was alright and up and around, going out of the house by himself as usual to pick up his newspaper. The last two days, however, Mang Orland was not eating. Cliff visited him to find his dad weakened but still alright. In fact, Mang Orland was still alert and Cliff was still able to relay to him my email message I sent him through Cliff some days earlier to finally get friendly with the computer so we his fans could get connected better. Cliff said “Mang Orland smiled but weakly”. Monday morning, while Cliff was driving to his office, he got a call at around 7:35 a.m., telling him his dad is gone. Cliff turned around to get to his dad.

The remains now lie in state at Loyola in Guadalupe. Viewing started Tuesday and shall be until evening of Dec. 26. The remains will be cremated the following day, Dec. 27. Meanwhile, the arrival of a son from Canada is being awaited.

For those who may wish to extend their condolences in one form or the other, please send the same to Mrs. Carlina Paragua, care of son Clifford Paragua at:

Block 7, Lot 23 Saint Simon
San Pedro 7 Subd.
Novaliches, Quezon City 1116
Metro Manila

Farewell, Mang Orland. While we shall no longer have you nor your newsletter, we shall always have many fond memories of you and the legacy of your newsletter – the bind that tied us Aparrianos altogether all through these many years.


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