An Open Letter – Reginald B. Tamayo

Dear Friends, Relatives, and Countrymen:

I am REGINALD BALISI TAMAYO, 45, married, a public servant and a humble Christian.

I am writing to inform you that I am running for the Senate in the 2010 elections under the ANG KAPATIRAN Party. I expect a certain amount of skepticism on your part. In fact many asked me these questions- “Isn’t that a little unrealistic? Isn’t that a wishful thinking?” I also asked the same questions a few times. I was clueless. By default, I dismissed my nomination to be a Senatorial candidate as a joke. I thought that I was not prepared tore-shape my life and that of my family by running into a national office.

However, as many put it, there’s a reason for everything. It is in this spirit that I am inviting you to read my story why I am taking this long shot for a Senate seat.

Looking Back (excerpts)
: completed AB Philosophy in 1985 at the University of the Philippines
: father was a clerk-typist and my mother worked as a gasoline girl
: hired as a lecturer at the Lyceum of Aparri
: appointed at the young age of 21 as Dean of Liberal Arts and Dean of Student Affairs of the Lyceum of Aparri
: invited by politicians to join local politics to represent the youth sector
: ran for municipal councilor but lost

The Transition (excerpts)
: sworn in as an appointed municipal councilor to serve the unexpired term of another councilor who passed away
: tried my new life as a public servant to respond the many concerns of the towns people that need to be addressed squarely thru legislation
: still taught at the Lyceum of Aparri as a part-time college instructor

Period of Achievements (excerpts)
: awarded as Outstanding Municipal Councilor of Cagayan by the Philippine Councilors League
: pioneered many innovative legislative measures ranging from giving awards to outstanding public school teachers, scholarship program for the poor but deserving students,instituting a local newspaper, to many and varied ordinances that benefit the Aparrianos
: wrote two books for the barangay officials (Barangay First) and the Sangguniang Kabataan (Empowering the Sangguniang Kabataan)
: shared my views on local and national issues thru the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, Philippine Free Press, and other major dailies
: regular columnist of the Northern Forum of Tuguegarao City, Guru Press of Tabuk City, and several others
: posted my articles in my site at
: ran for the vice-mayoral post but lost
: ran again as municipal councilor of Aparri in the 2004 elections and won a seat, a position which I still hold up to this time

Time to have a breather (excerpts)
: early this year, decided not to run in the forthcoming local elections
: my wife and children egged on me to continue with my law studies and I did God’s providential hand (excerpts)
: have been praying to God that He will pluck me out from the noisy politics and put my life in a more quiet place. God answered my prayer quite differently
: someone nominated me as Senatorial candidate under ANG KAPATIRAN Party
: severely grilled in an interview on national, political and moral issues; passed with flying colors and I was named 7th Senatorial candidate of the party
: don’t have any personal resources to sustain my candidacy but I sincerely believe I have you on my side, and with the guidance and provision from God I will not be another Jonah but to willingly accept the call and the challenge to run as a Senator in 2010 elections because there is no hiding place and hideout from God.

Thank you.
REGINALD BALISI TAMAYO, Member, Sangguniang Bayan


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