An Open Letter – Rotary Club of Santiago

A blessed day to you all.

First, I would like to introduce myself to you. I am Amado (Manding) A. Garcia Jr., one of five sons of the late Amado Bitauag Garcia and Pilar Alvarado Garcia of Punta, Aparri,Cagayan.

Mila Garcia Sogamoso, Aurora Garcia Juan, and Gemma Garcia Spranza are among my five sisters.

I was elected President of the Rotary Club of Santiago and assumed the position in July 1, 2008. My position would have been only a one year, however, I was reelected for a second term, until June 30, 2010. Humbly, I am the second President who have been re-elected for two consecutive years in the 36 years of existence of the club.

It is an honor to serve this prestigious organization, a link to serve the community especially to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. For more information about Rotary International, please visit the website at

We have numerous community projects; one of our major projects this year is a medical mission with Doctors/ Surgeons from the US coming this 4th week of September. They will be performing free surgeries for cataracts, cleft palates,burns, amputations, etc. Our club is supporting and sponsoring this. We have raised funds for accomodations for this six-operating team, however, our funds are not sufficient to cover the needed expenses.They will be staying here for four days.

I am writing you because I remember so well that the Aparriano Association is very much active in your place and continuously growing in membership. I would like to knock at your kind hearts to share your blessings to our less fortunate brothers and sisters here in the Philippines and do support our major project for this year. All your support will be acknowledged and greatly appreciated.

You may deposit your support to the Rotary Club Santiago account at Metrobank Santiago Branch, Santiago City, Philippines. The current account number is: 120-7-007-10794-0. Please help us attain our club motto. . . SERVICE ABOVE SELF. Our other projects are: Feeding Programs; Safe Drinking Water for elementary school pupils; Zero waste Management, clean and green for mother earth; Operation Paglingap to flood victims, landslide victims, special children and their parents; Visiting inmates and support their needs such as for their personal hygience, mats, electric fans; Operation karunungan; Botika sa Bakuran-available herbal plants to baranggay folks; Livelihood Programs to the sectors of the society; and Socio- economic Awareness.

People may not reward or thank you for your actions but when GOD is your reason for SERVING , you receive an even GREATER BLESSINGS IN RETURN!!!


In behalf of the Rotary Club of Santiago, accept our profound thanks to all Aparrianos !!!!

God Bless us all !!!

Your brother in service,



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