Mayor Tumaru – Municipality Address and Executive Report

(APARRI, March 9, 2009) Mayor Ismael V. Tumaru, M.D., of Aparri, Cagayan, Philippines delivered his 2008 State of the Municipality Address and Executive Report last March 9, 2009 at the Aparri Public Gymnasium.

The Annual activity which was initiated by the Tumaru administration since it assumed the mayoralty of the Municipality in 1992 was attended by a multitude representing all sectors of the society and stakeholders including heads of provincial, regional and national governmental agencies and private institutions.

The Local Chief Executive’s discourse was highlighted by the excellent performance of the municipal government in all phases of local governance particularly in the delivery of basic services.

The launching of the 1st Aramang Festival in May 2008 significantly bolstered the image of Aparri as a tourist destination. Thousands of visitors and guests including Aparrianos residing abroad came home and joined their townmates in the celebrations.

The global food and economic crises did not in any way adversely affect the local economy. In fact, the agricultural sector fared fairly well particularly rice farming which produced 208, 175 cavans of surplus milled rice. This ensured the availability of our staple food on the table of every Aparriano family. Despite the global economic crisis gripping every entity and country, the judicious fiscal management adopted and implemented by the municipal government netted Php 21 Million surplus earnings in 2008. This guaranteed financial stability and assured improved delivery of quality public service to the populace.

Mayor Tumaru bared the municipal plans and programs for the current year. Topping the agenda for 2009 is the total wharf reconstruction of the Aparri Seaport at Punta. The plan would certainly boost further the economy and provide employment to Aparrianos.

As an able Captain of a ship, Mayor Tumaru had indeed, steered the municipality into greater heights. After all, it was during his incumbency in 2006 when Aparri was elevated from a lowly third class municipality to its present FIRST CLASS MUNICIPALITY status.


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