777 Aparrianos Grand Reunion

(Las Vegas, July 7, 2007) This is a tribute to the work done by the organizers of the grand reunion, especially to Mr. Gin Cababa and to my (deceased) brother-in-law, Manong Romy, and other committee members who contributed their valuable time and efforts to make this event unprecedented, memorable and truly GRAND!!! This also serves as a memento for those who attended the one of a kind celebration. Maybe, this event will be a hard act to follow. And that is why, we are trying to fully document it for posterity.

The committee members are:
1. Gin Cababa
2. Mila & Raul Sogamoso
3. Ferdie Rabaja
4. Romy & Janet de Rivera
5. Liling and Pina Navarro
6. Fred Cartajena
7. Evelyn Plata Aquino
8. Edelmira Alvarado
9. Geo & Melo Padamada
10. Tony Mallari
11. Dave & Virginia Perez
12. Tessie Danao Salazar
13. Jack & Josie Rodriguez
14. Maria Aurora Juan
15. Eleanor Velera Sison

For those who wish to include their photos in this album, please send me the link of your photos or email me at aparrianos@gmail.com. I will upload it to this site. This is an attempt to consolidate a comprehensive collection of photos taken during this grand event. I will greatly appreciate your sharing of your photos taken during this event.


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