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Nominations for Officers and Directors of Aparri International, Inc.

Dear Fellow Aparrianos,

We would like to remind you of the forthcoming Valentine’s affair and elections on February 6, 2010 at Normandie Casino. You are all enjoined to attend and participate in this undertaking in order to ensure a smooth transition of affairs for the new set of officers to be elected , and at the same time enjoy the night with ballroom dancing.

We are also requesting you to fill in the attached nomination form with your favorite candidates to be sent or emailed to Elnora Florendo soonest, preferably before month-end.

Your usual prompt attention and cooperation will be very much appreciated.

Sincerely yours,
Joe B. Tan

Attached letter:
Dear Fellow Aparrianos:

The term of office for the current officers and directors of Aparri International, Inc. is coming to an end. So we will be having an election on February 6th in conjunction with our annual meeting and Valentine’s Day Dance.

This letter is to solicit nominations from you for our next set of officers and board members. Please fill out the below form to make your nominations. You can then return it to the Secretary and Nominations Committee chairpersons. Alternatively, you can print out the form and fill it in by hand and then mail it to the current Secretary at:

Elnora Florendo
1658 W. 153rd Street
Gardena, CA 90247

After your nominations are received, the Nominations Committee will compile them, make further nominations if needed, confirm that your nominees will accept the nomination and serve, and present the final compilation to the Board of Directors who will then charge the Elections Committee with drawing up a slate and conducting the elections. The elections will take place at the general meeting on February 6, 2010. A more detailed notice of elections will be sent out at a later date.

Nominations are for:
First Vice President
Second Vice President
West Area Representative
East Area Representative
Other Area Representative

Mayoral Candidate for Aparri (May 2010) – Dr. Jessica Romero

(Essey) Hello to all my co-Aparrianos. Hope everyone is well.

I just want to inform every Aparrianos or to anyone who’s not aware yet about Doctor Jessica Romero that she is running for Mayor in our beloved town. It is time for a change and I believed that she’s going to be a very good leader. I urge everyone who’s voting at this time to vote wisely and do not vote for someone who’s buying their vote. “Huwag tayong masilaw sa pera” na ipinamimigay nila and for sure at the end kayo din ang magdusa. Napakatagal na silang nakaupo bilang namumuno sa town natin pero walang pagbabago.

Let’s give Doctor J. Romero our support to become the next Mayor in Aparri, Cagayan. “VOTE FOR HER”!!! For all of us hoping to see changes for their next visit like me, I would love to see a new and progressive APARRI, CAGAYAN. GOD BLESS US ALL!!! I am sorry kung meron man akong nasagasahan.

More Evidence of Black Sand Mining in Cagayan

(Philippine Daily Inquirer, Melvin Gascon, Jan. 5, 2010) This vessel MV Nam Yang 8 ran aground near Barangay Balaoi in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. The 3,400 ton vessel manned by 22 North Korean crewmen carried 2,800 metric ton of magnetite sands claimed to be originating from Cagayan.

Mario Ancheta, Cagayan Valley director of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau, stood by his earlier statement that the Nam Yang 8 shipment was covered by a valid export permit issued by the provincial government, a claim that was denied by Gov. Alvaro Antonio.

Crew members of MV Nam Yang 8 abandoned ship after it listed off the shores of Claveria, Cagayan, on Jan. 1. They reached the village of Taggat Norte in Claveria aboard a life boat.

“We have gotten reports that an immigration official in Ilocos Norte got a call from this politician from Cagayan to transfer custody of the Koreans to immigration officers in Cagayan, apparently because they have better control of things if they are in Cagayan,” said Fr. Edgar Agcaoili, parish priest of Baggao town.

A report sent by Claveria police officials to Chief Supt. Roberto Damian, Cagayan Valley police director, showed that Paulino Verzosa, acting alien control officer of the Bureau of Immigration in Laoag City, gave up custody of 10 of the 22 North Koreans on the intercession of Eva Antiporda, alien control officer of Aparri in Cagayan.

Damian declined to answer questions on the North Koreans’ status or if the shipment of about 2,800 metric tons of magnetite was covered by documents. Damian said the police have been providing security to the North Koreans, not as a special case, but merely as a routine procedure.

“Those are matters that are the concern of other government agencies. Our concern is mainly security,” Damian said.

For more details, please visit this link on the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

So what are the concerns of other government agencies in Cagayan on magnetite mining? Are these government agencies still issuing export documents to continue mining black sands in Cagayan? Are these government agencies in Cagayan providing preferential treatment to people engaged in black sand mining?

Farewell Mang Orland Paragua

(Alfredo Castro) Mang Orland Paragua quietly passed away early Monday, Dec. 21 at his home in Sta. Ana, Manila. He was 90 years old.

In a brief conversation on the phone that I had with Mang Orland’s son Clifford Tuesday evening, Cliff told me that his dad was alright and up and around, going out of the house by himself as usual to pick up his newspaper. The last two days, however, Mang Orland was not eating. Cliff visited him to find his dad weakened but still alright. In fact, Mang Orland was still alert and Cliff was still able to relay to him my email message I sent him through Cliff some days earlier to finally get friendly with the computer so we his fans could get connected better. Cliff said “Mang Orland smiled but weakly”. Monday morning, while Cliff was driving to his office, he got a call at around 7:35 a.m., telling him his dad is gone. Cliff turned around to get to his dad.

The remains now lie in state at Loyola in Guadalupe. Viewing started Tuesday and shall be until evening of Dec. 26. The remains will be cremated the following day, Dec. 27. Meanwhile, the arrival of a son from Canada is being awaited.

For those who may wish to extend their condolences in one form or the other, please send the same to Mrs. Carlina Paragua, care of son Clifford Paragua at:

Block 7, Lot 23 Saint Simon
San Pedro 7 Subd.
Novaliches, Quezon City 1116
Metro Manila

Farewell, Mang Orland. While we shall no longer have you nor your newsletter, we shall always have many fond memories of you and the legacy of your newsletter – the bind that tied us Aparrianos altogether all through these many years.

In Memory of Orlando Paragua

(Gin Cababa) Please accept our deepest condolences and prayers on the passing of your beloved Dad Orlando.

To all Aparrianos, please let us ask our Almighty Father to bring comfort, peace and strength to his bereaved loved ones. Meanwhile, we ask you to say a prayer for the eternal repose of his soul. Mab-balo and please spread the word.

(Clifford Paragua, 21 December 2009) I just want to inform you about my dad, Orlando Paragua …. passed away peacefully this morning at a ripe age of 90 …. his remains are now in Loyola Guadalupe and [if plans push through] he will be cremated in the morning of the 27th of December.

Discussions on Black Sand Mining

Recently, more discussions are being made public in Aparri-Reunited (Facebook)…

Please visit the link…

Let us, aparrianos, voice our concerns about the black sand mining activities in Cagayan (particularly in Buguey)…Please use this blog to voice out or join in the discussions about this same issue at Aparri-Reunited (Facebook)! Please add your comments…

In so doing, the curent local government in Cagayan and the national government will hopefully hear your voice. And those aspiring to be future leaders take note…

A campaign issue this May 2010 election!

Video on Black Sand Mining in Cagayan, Part 1

Video on Black Sand Mining in Cagayan, Part 2